Adult Book

Yet again things have changed. Payment can still be made with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) using the NetBilling method of payment when you check out. In addition thanks to a change in Paypal's acceptable use policy for the first time it is now possible to use Paypal to pay for erotic ebooks bought here without being in violation of any of paypal's rules of policies. I'd long hoped for this type of change so when it arrived I added Paypal to the list of payment options listed at checkout.
Recent changes: I have started uploading images of book covers that have an watermark running vertically down the left side of the image. The watermark is not present in the image you get when you buy an ebook.You can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN - the EBOOKS YOU BUY HERE WILL HAVE NO WATERMARK.
No ebook you buy here will have a watermark, no watermark in the cover image that was inserted into the ebook and no watermark on any of the pages or other internal images. Some will ask why I would want to add the watermark in the first place, so I'll tell you now. There is a lot of traffic on my site from people who collect book cover images. Many of them never place an order. I don't mind if they do this. I've done it at times myself. They are welcome to continue harvesting images here. I only ask that they keep the watermark in place to help advertise the site.
Older changes still in place: Orders are not sent by email. The shopping cart supports automated downloads. After successfully completing the checkout process you will see a page thanking you for your order. If you scroll down a little you will see a summary of your order including a listing of every ebook you bought. The links to download your ebooks are there too next to each ebook in the list. An email will be sent to you with the links to download your ebooks but you don't have to wait for it. You can start downloading your oders using the links in the orer summary without delay.
Do not wait to download your ebooks. The links are good only for 48 hours. To enter the site click on green button bellow.
-Paul J (Admin).